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        Product details


        MF-160-I low speed cup printing machine

        First. structure features

        1、The rubber covered rollers of the printing ink unit adopts high quality rubber, while ink vibrator is made from seamless tube and surface plated with hard chrome and ground as mirror. Every unit of printing ink device can be operated separately which easy to install and clean.

        2、The big drum wheel is made from castings and surface is plated with hard chrome and ground as mirror. There is a tailor-made big gear connected with this big drum wheel.

        3、The dividing box uses Guanhua brand of Zhucheng Shandong, China.

        4、Cup feeding device is consisted of 4 screws which can be adjusted as per cup size. The cup feeding shelf is available for more than 10 piles of cups at the same time to reduce labour force and avoid traditional difficulty on conveying high cup when bend radian of conveyor belt is too large.

        5、Cup automatically piling in line will be conveyed to counting part. The counting part adopts screw transmission which is easy to adjust and the number of every pile of cups can be set freely. After counting, cups will be divided out and conveyed to packing position.

        6、The machine adopts PLC control to achieve easy operation, exact control, safety and reliability. Fault and corresponding measures can be shown by the touch screen.

        7、The advantages of this machine include stable running, high speed, low vibration and long lifetime.

        8、Adopts advanced color registered technology which allow registering color and adjusting when machine running. Pressure between the printing roller and big drum wheel also can be adjusted both when the machine running or stop, which reduce time for debugging and improve production efficiency.

        9、Adopts high-speed curing system which include durable UV lamp and achieve good curing result.

        10、Optimized Corona device fits better to high speed corona to get better corona and uniform printing result.

        11、Advanced transmission device for printing mould head ensure clear printing result. Printing circumference can be adjusted freely.

        12、Unique auto air cooling device makes sure good printing quality and good heat emission for whole machine.

        13、Automatic Identification system can automatically detect defective cup, no cup on mould head, double cups on one mould head, cups with hole. The machine will stop when those circumstance happen. So that to reduce waste and make sure quality.

        14、Advance-and-retreat and angle adjustment of the host printing unit all adopt electrical control. Distance between mould head and printing rubber on the big drum wheel also can be accurately adjusted by electric device.

        15、The electroplated machine frame looks more attractive and is more easy to clean. All outside closing plates is spray lacquered according to technology of motor vehicle, which looks nice and durable.

        16、The machine is made according to European Union CE standard and is on a par with advanced cup printing machine at home and abroad.

        Second. the technical parameters

        model parameter
        Applicable sheet material PP、PE、PS、PET、PVC
        Thickness of transfer printing rubber 2mm
        Number of colors 6 colors
        Cup height 40-180mm
        Cup diameter Φ60-Φ160mm
        Printing height 18 0mm
        Printing angle 0-10°
        Printing speed 230-300pcs/min
        Curing power 3-6kw
        Corona power 0~1kw
        Total power 15kw
        Power supply 3HP 380V±10V 50HZ
        Air consumption 80m3/hr
        Net weight 6.5T

        Third.Component of the machine

        1、Printing ink unit:6 units (for 6 colors)

        2、Ultraviolet rays curing unit:1 set

        3、Mould base:1 set

        4、Cup feeding, Cup conveying:1 set

        5、Cup counting:1 set

        Fourth.List of electric parts

        Description Brand or brand of the country
        Air switch Schneider/ France
        Relay OMRON/ Japan
        Contactor Schneider /France
        PLC Mitsubishi /Japan
        Counting motor YASKAWA/ Japan
        Master motor Jiangsheng/ Jiangmen in China
        Divider The foreign production import
        Vacuum pump Fuli/ Shanghai China
        Touch screen Sanxin / Nantong, Jiangsu in China
        Touch screen Weilun / Taiwan
        Big drum wheel Surface plated with hard chrome
        Pressure regulating motor Dongli
        Bearing Harbin bearing
        cylinder, solenoid valve SANWO/ Korea