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        Product details


        Plastic Blow Molding Machine
        ZPK-45 Plastic Blow Molding Machine is a new generative product developed by our company. Its small-scale, exquisite, stable and energy saving, it is mainly suitable for making bottle & continerof PP, PE and PVC, and is the ideal manufacturing equipment for packaging containers of cosmetic, medicine and beverage industry.

        First. structure features

        1、Screw, machine barrel and die head adopt high quality material of 38CRMOALA which can resist corrosion and abrasion as it is after nitrogen treatment.

        2、The large-diameter cylinder is used to open and close the die. Therefore the opening and closing are stable, fast and precise with strong clamping mould force.

        3、It’s easy to change and clean the mould and the die head due to good design.

        Second. the technical parameters

        model ZPK-45 ZPK-65
        Screw Diameter(mm) 45 65
        Screw L/D Ratio 1:22 1:22
        Main Motor Power(kw) 5.5 11
        Screw rotating speed 60 60
        Extruding capacity(kg/h) 25 35
        Pressure of air(Mpa) 0.7 0.7
        Dimension of mouldmm) 280x200x200 300x280x280
        Clamping force(t) 8 12
        Product max-min diameter(mm) 20-100 20-100
        Exterior dimension(LxWxH)(mm) 2200x1200x1900 3000x1500x1900
        Weight(t) 0.8 1.3