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        Red disposable plastic cup: how to become a US meeting sign?

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        Not long ago, the streets of the United States, four decades of classic one-time red plastic cup from the round bottom into the end of the party. Do not underestimate this little cup, you know the American pop musicians have the first song is called "red plastic cup". The song is written in the first three words of the song, "how is the red plastic cup for barbecue, bazaars and festivals, and you, sir, if you are willing to drink glass, it is not a man." There 's a straightforward chorus, "I love you, red plastic cup, I'll fill you up and meet you next time."

        The Red Plastic Cup is the easiest thing to be overlooked but has the most American character, and it even has a special sales sales site: "Party Cups U.K." - for British revelers who want to create a state university atmosphere. This site not only sells red plastic cups, but also sells a variety of merchandise, including beer marbles and desktop beer game manual, the website of the home page marked "American drinking game". As a veritable country image, why should the red plastic cup change shape?

        The company has a long history. The island of Solomon, Illinois, spent 75 years of birthday, the company in the 1940s to produce fine paper tube and fame, this paper tube is usually hanging next to the office cooler. In the 1950s, the company produced a waxed paper cup for automatic drinking fountains in cinemas. Today, the company produces a variety of cutlery and drink cups. The company's products are located around the world's supermarkets, convenience stores, coffee shops and fast food restaurants, and even the White House war room. But the real reputation is the red plastic cup, this product from the 20th century, 70 years.

        How can this red plastic cup become a synonym for a better age, bulk beer and basement class basement? "The truth is relatively simple, and I know that the company is the first manufacturer to produce this cup," said Kim Sili, vice president of customer business at Solomon.

        Perhaps preconceived advantage played an important role, later to scrambling to follow the company's technology. Of course, the quality of the design is also crucial. From the beginning, the red plastic cup is a heavyweight weapon in disposable cutlery. Soropap company with polystyrene compression molded thick plastic cup, able to withstand the brothers members of the palm of the squeeze, high school cheerleaders casually discarded, desktop beer game difficult test, still maintain a good shape and effectiveness The This cup is more resilient than Dixie and other competitors' products.

        There is no doubt that the opacity of this cup is the selling point of the product for college students and high school students who are not of legal age because they do not want others to know what they are drinking. But why made it red? Hill said that the red plastic cups accounted for 60% of the company's plastic cup sales, blue cup sales fell far in the second place. She said, "I have been here for 12 years, done a number of tests. Consumers prefer red, not particularly blue .I think it is willing to red is neutral color, can attract both men and women. "Maybe this is a psychological preference. Some color theory holds that red symbolizes hostility, passion and intense emotions, while blue symbolizes calm and deep. I know the color of the link, and I would rather drunk drunk.

        Sorocarp's beer cups are larger than rival products. They have an 18 ounce overflow cup, which is larger than the other opponent's 16 ounce cups (Shili explains that the so-called overflows include you pour the wine directly into the capacity, drink two ounces to add some ice, or wine It will overflow). Most of the people who attended the banquet agreed that the bigger the beer cup was, the better. Sorocarp had a tough decade. The private family company, which began in 1936, fell into a debt problem after buying the competitor Sweetheart Cup in 2004. The fact that the company's family members and corporate management have received ridiculous remuneration and benefits. A leveraged buyout company made the company's controlling stake, clean up the portal, since then the operation to a stable. Sorokap's market monopoly is beyond doubt. "We have been ranked first since I came to this company," he said. "Our real competition is the fall of the rivals and the cheap cups for people to save money."

        This is the source of the square cup design. It is difficult to distinguish the red plastic cup from another cup. So from 2004 onwards, Sorocap began to add different elements. Sili said that for the mainstream of such a glass product to make changes in the company caused a huge concern. But Sorocarp continues to move forward, adding staggered parts - to solve the problem of slippery cups, and drinkers often encounter this trouble, so that the beer splashed outside the cup. In 2009, Sorocap changed the bottom of the cup into a square. "It's easier to get steady, and actually increase the strength and structure of the cup," said Shili, "the two designs have resulted in double-digit sales growth and successful completion of the task. However, I prefer the shape of the original red plastic cup (you can see it in the company's product catalog, next to the 1970 words). Now the cup makes me feel more functional than the shape - some cumbersome and more than the safety standards of the design. Quilt on the staggered gravure to prevent sweating fingers slippery, heavy trademark printed on both sides, mixed with a variety of elements, the lack of classic models that kind of smooth lines.

         For the design of the cup change, it seems that Americans do not have any worries. That is, the use of the end of the red plastic cup, desktop beer game is still interesting, American life continues.

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