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        Guangdong die in a crisis for development

        發布時間:2012-01-10 15:48:38

        The advantage of guangdong mold manufacture mainly in plastics, hardware mold, in the mold production, plastic, metal mould is more than 70%, far higher than the national average. Guangdong mould, machinery manufacturing industry to small and medium enterprises, wide distribution, mould manufacturing more concentrated area, guangzhou: panyu district, huadu district; Shenzhen: district, baoan district; Dongguan, zhongshan, shunde, shantou, huizhou, etc. In recent years, the overall industrial level increased rapidly, mould, mechanical manufacturing numerical control equipment increase, the high-grade tool demand increased year by year.

            Guangdong cutting tools increasingly fierce competition in the market, the market share of Japanese accounting too large, Diane jie (dijet), mitsubishi (mitsubishi), kyocera (kyocera), Hitachi (Hitachi), not two more (nachi), sumitomo (sumitomo), Japanese research (nikken), daisho and (big), tungaloy, osg, yamawa etc, in order to the precision of the said Japan tools in guangdong advertising the wielder is known point, almost all of the Japanese brand cutting tools, can be in guangdong area to buy, agents, distributors numerous, day is in the process of product sales, the domestic agents, dealers and Hong Kong and Taiwan agent, the trade for customer phenomenon is more serious, it also has caused the sales director of Japanese companies' attention, some brand market sales have started to rectify. Next is the Taiwan and domestic tool, cutting tool in Taiwan, more representative a rainbow of steel (HKF), durable rich (nine9), seven jun (PSL), Thailand refined, are heyuan, three such as John Paul, Taiwan tool in guangdong only commonly set one or two general agent, and then, with more dealers way to do marketing. Guangdong market good and evil people mixed up Taiwan tools can be a lot, but there are a lot of stock does not see more. Domestic tools in guangdong area is represented in the domestic several big tools manufacturers and some private tool factory sales, southwest tools, into quantity tools, shaanxi hard alloy, ZhuZhou hard alloy, guizhou Iraq, Shanghai tool factory, the Harbin tool factory, in recent years the domestic several private tool manufacturing factory development soon, not allow to ignore, such as Chinese, chengdu eng, zhenjiang shaanxi product ding hard alloy and the jiangsu xixia living tool manufacturing, southwestern guizhou tools around the private knife manufacturing.

            The private enterprise is usually in guangdong tool set up more direct sales outlets, more flexible and adaptable, defect is unable to form scale, the operation chaos, the product can get used to the precision manufacturing of common market. A few big tool factory is domestic set up the office way sales, marketing network many shortcomings, not too perfect, the main or the product quality, the sales model, after-sales service do insufficient, and gradually to the low end of the crowd consumer market.

            Europe and America although good quality tools, but the price is on the high side, to guangdong mold manufacture, accept a degree of conservative, these did not appear to affect the Europe and America tools in guangdong's sales, because the user is large and medium-sized enterprises, foreign enterprises, and, in recent years, with the increasing of the introduction of advanced European and American machine tool, cutting tool and pull the sales. Most industry accept brand, basic or mountain, vick coke and full (sandvikcoromant), KenNa metal (kennametal), ismail card (iscar), sen pull days (ceracizit), cobalt brought (guhring), and so on, and mountain, vick subordinate some companies, such as walter (walter), the high mountain (seco), Thomas (dorder) tai chi (titex); The customer for these well-known brand cutting tools, value is not quality, almost no one worry about quality problem, still basically see the product price, the post-sale service, the technical support, delivery date these aspects. The rest part of the market share, Hong Kong, Taiwan and some of the trade company OEM cutting tools and South Korea tool occupied some, such as special solid g (taegutec), claudius Iraq (korloy), a volunteer garden (yg), STK, etc.

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