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        job title:Network Management

        Period of Validity:長期有效

        Location: Shantou

        Working experience: more than two years

        Education: College


        1, responsible for the maintenance of the local area network;
        2, server, router and other equipment management, and network platform operation monitoring and maintenance;
        3, office equipment maintenance and management; technical file maintenance;
        4, responsible for killing the virus, maintaining network security;
        5, dealing with network and computer failures;
        6, responsible for the internal information system construction, maintenance, domain name, background data, mailbox management.


        1, computer or IT related major; more than two years management experience;
        2, proficient in routers, switches, firewalls, telephone switches, VPN, access control and other network equipment settings and management;
        3, proficient in Windows 2003/2008 server operating system; proficient in the application of various types of Windows server principle and use;
        4, proficient in Unix/Linux server operating system; proficient in Shell scripts, Apache, Mrtg, SNMP or other software or protocol;
        5, strong learning ability, practical ability, good communication and cooperation ability, strong execution and communication ability, have good service consciousness.


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